Apply for a Parent PLUS Loan

If you're a dependent student who needs to borrow more than the maximum subsidized and unsubsidized loan amount, contact our office to determine your Parent PLUS Loan eligibility. 

If eligible, here's what you should do to complete the process.

  1. Have your parent log in to apply.

    Go to the Federal Student Aid website and have your parent sign in with his/her Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) PIN. Don’t have a PIN? You can apply for a PIN anytime.

  2. Choose application.

    Select Start PLUS Application Process.

  3. Choose loan type.

    Choose the Parent PLUS loan type.

  4. Complete application.

    This includes a credit check. You'll also need to specify a loan amount. If you select the maximum amount, we'll process your loan for your maximum eligibility.

  5. Receive loan approval and complete promissory note.

    Once you’ve completed the application, you’ll receive notice from the Department of Education if you’re approved or denied.

    • If approved, first-time borrowers will need to continue the process by selecting Complete Master Promissory Note.
    • If denied, your parent will be presented with several options (e.g., obtain an endorser, appeal the decision, request additional Unsubsidized Loan for student instead of the PLUS loan).

If your parent wants to change the loan amount he/she requested in the application process, the parent who is the borrower of the PLUS loan should send an email to Please include your name (student name), Bethel ID#, and the adjusted amount desired.

For questions about the PLUS Master Promissory Note or approval status, contact the Loan Origination Center at 800.557.7394.

More About PLUS Loans

Get more details on PLUS loans including interest rates, repayment, and loan fees.

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