About the College of Adult & Professional Studies

Through the College of Adult & Professional Studies (CAPS) at Bethel University, we serve adults returning to school to earn their bachelor's or associate's degree. We've created academic programs that are accessible and supportive for busy students as well as grounded in ethics and personal development.

Convenient Classes

Through CAPS, we provide a convenient way for working adults to attend college while juggling family and career responsibilities. Most B.A. degrees can be earned in 2 years, with summer breaks. Students only meet for class once a week, in the evening or on Saturday, taking 1 class at a time with some online assignments. CAPS programs meet at Bethel’s main campus and other locations in the Twin Cities.

A Supportive Model

Each program in CAPS becomes its own small community. Students earning the same degree move through their program together as a group—we call it a cohort. Cohorts are small and collegial, creating an atmosphere of mutual support.

Our Christian professors are also working professionals, so what they teach in the classroom immediately applies to the workplace. Plus, grades are given based on class projects, papers, and class discussion, rather than tests.

Grounded in Values

We're unique in our focus on Christian values. Through all programs, we build a foundation in ethics, encouraging students to grow both personally and spiritually. Though students need not profess a personal faith, many choose Bethel because they find our values-based teaching refreshing, and helpful to work and life.


Programs in the College of Adult & Professional Studies of Bethel University are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. In addition, education and nursing programs are approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching and Minnesota Board of Nursing, respectively.

Sean & Sara

Strength in Numbers

Coworkers Sean and Sara go back to school with support from each other—and their Bethel cohorts. Read More »