Ready to go back to school? The General Studies program gives adult students a solid foundation in the core curriculum of a liberal arts education.

The General Studies program at Bethel is designed with adult students in mind. Become well rounded in fine arts, history, social sciences, writing, and math while focusing on practical and relevant applications of skills and knowledge. Theory and lectures are kept to a minimum and classroom discussion is encouraged, enabling adult students to share their diverse backgrounds and experiences. 

The General Studies curriculum consists of 47 semester credits aimed at providing the foundational elements of a liberal arts education. You can go on to earn an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree with an additional 13 elective credits (60 credits total), or pursue further study in an adult degree program at Bethel.

The program aims to be flexible to meet the different needs of adult students. Maybe you’ve attended college in the past and don’t need all of the General Studies credits. Our enrollment counselors will evaluate your transcript and provide an individualized learning plan to take the guesswork out of your next steps.

Or maybe you don’t have any college credits yet. An enrollment counselor will work with you to create a learning plan suited to your needs and goals.

Accelerated coursework and a class schedule adapted for adult students makes the General Studies program ideal for busy adults looking to jumpstart their college education.