A heart for people and a desire to walk alongside them in their struggles—prepare for a job that improves the lives of others.

The B.A. in Human Services prepares you for entry-level work in career fields that serve others and help improve individuals’ quality of life.

You’ll be ready for roles in churches and faith-based settings, correctional and probation facilities, and mental health and social service agencies.

Students in the program:

  • Gain an understanding of effective approaches for helping others.
  • Integrate a Christian worldview with knowledge from such fields as psychology, counseling, human development, and family studies to prepare you to meet individuals’ diverse needs.
  • Learn to understand issues relevant to professional practice.
  • Further your knowledge of influential factors such as psychopathology and social inequality.
  • Learn to help others more effectively by clearly understanding how your personal experiences have shaped you and the way you interact with others.
  • Develop insight into the ways your personal and professional experiences intersect.

All programs in the College of Adult & Professional Studies at Bethel are designed for adults with busy schedules who want to complete their bachelor’s degree.

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