Business is about more than managing. It's about motivating others to impact the world.

The B.A. in Business Management is about more than structuring employees and maximizing efficiency. It's about nurturing the talents of those around you and inspiring them to go beyond the status quo. It's about helping a business exceed its goals. It's about becoming a global scholar who has an awareness of trends in your industry. And learning to apply business principles to a variety of contexts.

Become an Ethical Business Leader

Today, businesses need leaders who can perform—and who use ethical practices to do so. 

Here, you’ll learn how to build and expand your business from a mindset of Christian values. By applying ethics to your work, you’ll build trust in customers, boost your profits, and even retain and attract talent.

Learn to Make Informed Decisions

Besides focusing on ethics and its importance in building a strong bottom line, courses will also introduce you to the tools for making informed decisions so you can build a successful, profitable, and sustainable business. It’s an experience that will take your career to the next level and transform the way you think about your work.

Learn more about why this program can help you become an effective business person and how it can fit the lifestyle of busy adults.